We see the hope and potential in every young person


Heart — Challenge — Clarity

Our Heart

We are dedicated to fighting poverty in the global South by changing how our community shops.

The Challenge

We will promote Fair Trade in our family, friendships, school and community until Fair Trade is so well known and supported that our community is formally recognized as a “Fair Trade Town.”


  • We believe the human heart was created for justice and love. This is what we need, and what we need to offer others.
  • We believe fighting poverty is one of the most profound ways of living for justice and love.
  • We believe poverty is truly defeated when people’s work gives them dignity and enables them to care for the well-being of their family and community.
  • We believe promoting Fair Trade changes whole communities in the global South by paying a fair price for what they make, recognizing the worth of their labour and allowing them to build a future for themselves.