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40 Days of Prayer

“I have been driven … to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.” Abraham Lincoln

YFC/Youth Unlimited is hosting 40 Days of Prayer in our prayer room, affectionately dubbed “The Praying COW”, at 405 Dundas St. The purpose of this is to invite the churches of Woodstock to pray in preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. We pray that the power of God against death and hell would again be known in Woodstock. How we need such power today as we tackle the darkness woven deep into our community.

This in NOT about praying for YFC. It is about praying for Woodstock, and so it is for all our ministries — every church and every outreach work. In Christ we need to stand together in love for one another and uphold each other, lest the Enemy win. And together we need to pray against the darkness in Woodstock.

The theme of the 40 Days is “Tear Down the Walls.” What walls need to come down for God’s Spirit to flow through our lives and our churches into our community? Walls between ourselves and God, between husbands and wives, parents and children, between believers, between churches, between the church and the lost.

“This life is Yours and hope is rising as Your glory floods our hearts.
Let love TEAR DOWN THESE WALLS that all creation would come back to You.
It’s all for You. …
Oh, for all the sons and daughters who are walking in the darkness
You are calling us to lead them back to You.
We will see Your spirit rising as the lost come out of hiding.
Every heart will see this hope we have in You.” Tear Down the Walls, Hillsong United

Let this be our theme and passion as we prepare ourselves for a year of outreach and redemption.

How will it work?
The call is going out through radio and e-mail to the churches of Woodstock, for every church has its dedicated few who are passionate for prayer. Some see prayer as the relish we add once the hot dog is made; others recognize prayer is the bun and without it there is no hot dog — without it we are just wieners. So our first appeal is to attract people who are eager for the opportunity to pray, the people for whom this project resonates immediately and would want to pray throughout the 40 Days. I will call them the “early adopters.”

Early Adopters
If you are one of these early adopters, please go to the on-line Praying COW sign-up schedule and sign up for as many time slots as you would like over the 40 days. Share this page with as many friends as you can. If they do not have computers, help them by signing them up for the slots they want. Perhaps we can fill the whole 40 Days with early adopters.

Note: The on-line sign-up schedule is ONLY for those coming to the prayer room. The elderly may prefer midnight time slots but are unable to get to the prayer room. Soon I will outline what we can do to accommodate this, but for now just note that the schedule is only for those coming to pray in The Praying COW at 405 Dundas.

Church congregations
Churches are encouraged to take a block of time when they are committed to seeing their people fill out the prayer room schedule. Depending on the church size and willingness, a church may choose to take half a day, or a day, or a few days, a weekend or a week. The choice is theirs. Some of the early adopters may already be praying in some (or even many) of the time slots in the block chosen by the church. The church would be responsible to fill in just the empty time slots.

If you are a pastor and would like your congregation to take part, this is how to proceed. First, check out the on-line Praying COW schedule. Each church taking a block will have its name written in the empty time slots of the time block it has chosen. Choose a block of time that is not already taken by another church, and put the name of your church in the empty time slots. Then you can either invite your congregants to go to the schedule and add their name to a time slot that has your church’s name in it, or you can set up a flip chart at your church and get people to write their names in it. Then someone at your church can add those names into the on-line Praying COW schedule.

Pastors might do well to assign a trusted person to be the official “badger” — someone who would encourage people within the congregation to sign up for a time slot.

Churches are encouraged to take as many days as they want, but to break it up over different weeks so that they get to experience the prayer room at the beginning, middle and end of the 40 Days. Also, that way if they have only 12 people willing to pray, they may find that the same 12 people would be willing to do it over again a couple of weeks later, so that the same small group might cover 3 or 4 days because the days are spread out over the 40 days of the prayer room.

Note: people who could not pray for 10 minutes normally come out of the prayer room saying that one hour is too short. The room evokes prayer and time flies by.

Both for early adopters and for church blocks, each person signing up should provide contact information on the sign-up schedule. It has a spot for e-mail, but please provide a phone number, preferably a cell number. That way, if someone is late or forgets, someone can give them a call and rouse them to their duty.

Feel free to post your questions in the Comments area, or for a quicker response, send them to dave.s@swoyfc.com. Or feel free to call me at the office (519-537-8080) or on my cell (226-228-1603).